Friday, March 16, 2012

[PHI 1000] What makes us human? II

Following up on our discussion of What Makes Us Human?, is the following argument invalid?
  1. Humans are members of the species Homo sapiens.
  2. Microcephalics are members of the species Homo sapiens.
  3. Therefore, microcephalics are human.
Does it have the same logical form as the following argument?
  1. Superheroes are strong.
  2. Kick-ass is strong.
  3. Therefore, kick-ass is a superhero.
If not, what's the difference between these two arguments? 

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  1. Yes, these two arguments do follow the same logical form. Both arguments are just stating a characteristic that is common regarding the two things being compared in the premises. Just because both superheroes and kick-ass are strong, does not mean they are the same because a lion is also strong but would not be considered a superhero. In the same way in argument one does the same thing. In order to prove that microcephalics are human, you need to describe what makes something human.


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