Friday, March 16, 2012

[PHI 1000] An argument for mind-body dualism

Here's an argument for mind-body dualism:
  1. Physical pain and emotional pain are distinct (since physical pain feels different from emotional pain).
  2. The best explanation for (1) is that physical pain is experienced by the human body and emotional pain is experienced by the human mind.
  3. No other explanation explains (1) as well as mind-body dualism does.
  4. Therefore, mind-body dualism is (probably) true (i.e., the human mind and the human body are distinct).
What do you make of this inference to the best explanation

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  1. I believe this argument is strong. Physical pain and emotional pain are two different feelings. When people burn their hand or scape their knee, they may cry because of the outer pain but they will not be emotionally hurt by it. Physical pain is experienced by the body, it can be seen by the naked eye or the use of equipment. Emotional pain however, cannot be seen at all. Yes emotional pain can give off physical effects. For example, if a person cries too much because their heart was broken (figuratively) then it may show on their facial expression as swollen eyes. But emotional pain itself cannot be seen. It is felt by the mind. Mind body dualism states that the mind and body are two distinct factors. Which i believe to be true to some extent. Because during life, the mind and the body are connected, the emotional pain may show on the body as physical or vice versa. However, once separated, the body can no longer feel physical pain but the mind can still feel emotional pain.


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